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Jaret Martino began his acting career at age six in theatre and has gone on to appear in TV / Film productions, including The Middle, Law and Order SVU, 30 Rock, One Life To Live, Modern Family,Teen Wolf, and national commercial campaigns for Mastercard, Usher & Lady Gaga's Tour Promo, Sonic, and T-mobile.

Jaret studied at Fordham University, as well as The Lee Strasberg Institute. Always placing an importance on education he continues to study with top industry professionals, such as Larry Moss. In loving memory of Gary Austin (Founder of The Groundlings), and Elizabeth Kemp.

Today his journey as an artist includes writing and producing Films in an effort to bring awareness to subject matters deserving attention. Jaret formed a Production company, and some credits include,"Driven The Documentary", an empowering film created to inspire women, artists and anyone with a dream that feels impossible. Driven has played at film festivals worldwide, receiving support from companies such as Microsoft and Step Up! 

Jaret Martino and Love Wins Productions is an original content and third party production company, designed for the 21st century's changed media landscape. 

Focused on raising awareness for subjects deserving attention. With a focus on women's empowerment, diversity and inclusion and LGBTQIA messages.  

Specializes in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, television, and digital media content. Jaret's award winning films have been seen throughout the world in festivals and streaming platforms.

From Love Wins Productions and Distribution and Gravitas Ventures, Feature Film, DONNA: Stronger Than Pretty is now available worldwide, everywhere you buy and rent movies! www.DonnaTheMovie.com

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Turning pain into Positive!

Jaret Martino is a proud advocate and partner of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and lends his voice and support to Agencies worldwide. In September 2021 he was awarded at The National Press Club for his work to create change for Domestic Violence.

His Production Company also helps create awareness for subjects deserving attention and has proudly partnered with non profits such as Step Up, The Retreat, and C.A.P.S Anti Bullying and Awareness Services. @DonnaStpFilm

Love Wins Productions,

Distribution, Film Festivals

Jaret Martino and Love Wins proudly presents....



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stronger than pretty 

"Women have to be Stronger Than Pretty...

You look like a warrior to me"



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